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Traditional Halloween Colcannon

We love the traditions of Ireland, especially when it comes to the food! Colcannon is a hearty dish that has been eaten on Halloween night for years. Traditionally, a ring was hidden in the dish, and whoever was to find it would be likely to marry in the upcoming year! Colcannon was even paired with a little poem:

Did you ever eat Colcannon, made from lovely pickled cream?
With the greens and scallions mingled like a picture in a dream?
Did you ever make a hole on top to hold the melting flake
Of the creamy, flavored butter that your mother used to make

Did you ever eat and eat, afraid
You’d let the ring go past,
And like some old married ‘sprissman’
Would get it at the last?

Regardless of your relationship status, Colcannon is a delicious and hearty meal that will make any night special, especially all hallows eve!

How to make Colcannon (serves 4).


2 lbs of potatoes (we recommend russets or Yukon gold)
8 oz (1 bunch) of kale or curly cabbage
3 scallions
1 leek
1 package bacon
Half a pint of heavy cream
2.5 ounces of butter
Salt and pepper to taste

How to:

Step 1: Boil, drain and mash the potatoes.

Step 2: Dice up and cook the bacon, separating from the bacon grease. 

Step 3. Cut up and saute the leek, scallions and kale (until wilted.) Cook in a bit of the bacon grease for extra flavor. 

Step 4. Mix together mashed potatoes, vegetables, bacon, heavy cream and butter. Add in salt and pepper to taste. 

Step 5. Enjoy with friends, family, ghosts and goblins!

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