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Terms & Conditions


DEPOSIT PAYMENTS: A non-refundable deposit of $250 per person is required for all guided coach vacation packages, and all self-drive vacations. Deposits are required within 5 days of making the reservation or the quote will automatically expire. Certain exclusive promotions may require higher deposits or payment in full. Group and custom private driver deposits vary and are governed by individual contracts.  

FINAL PAYMENTS: Full payment must be made no later than 70 days prior to departure date for vacation packages, self-drive trips and private driver vacations. If payment is not received as scheduled, the reservation will automatically cancel, and the land deposit payment will be forfeited. 

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: We accept most major credit cards. Travel Agents making payment on behalf of a client must provide us with the cardholder’s information, including billing address and telephone number and must have the cardholder’s signature on file. 

EXCLUSIONS: All items of a personal nature (room service, beverages, telephone charges, laundry, etc.) and meals not specified on the tour itinerary are not included in the cost of the tour and must be paid by the client.  

TIPS: Tips for personal services and to tour directors and drivers are not included in tour cost and left to the discretion of the traveler.  


CANCELLATION PENALTIES: Penalties per person apply: 70 or more days prior to departure forfeiture of deposit; 69-16 days prior 30% per person; 15-8 days prior 50% per person; 7-1 days prior 90% per person; on day of departure 100% per person. If clients cancel from one tour and rebooks on another tour or another date, cancellation penalties will apply. Group and custom private driver cancellations policies vary and are governed by individual contracts. 

NOTIFICATION OF CANCELLATIONS: CIE Tours must be notified of cancellations either by phone or via email to [email protected] prior to tour departure. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that any notification of cancellation is received by CIE Tours and notification shall be deemed to have taken place on the date of receipt by CIE Tours. Minimum cancellation penalty is the deposit amount.  

B&B CANCELLATIONS: Any B&B accommodations booked using open B&B vouchers purchased from CIE Tours must be cancelled directly through Bed & Breakfast Ireland’s website or with the homeowners.

AIR BOOKINGS & CANCELLATIONS: Terms of airfare purchased through CIE Tours are governed by each airline’s individual policies. As each airline’s cancellation conditions vary, details should be requested at time of booking, or check the airline’s website for their cancellation policy. In all cases, non-refundable airfare and instant purchase tickets are not eligible for refund. 

CIE TOURS CANCELLATIONS: If it becomes necessary for CIE Tours to cancel a trip prior to departure, for reasons outside of a Force Majeure Event, CIE Tours will immediately rebook the guest on a future departure date at no additional land cost or provide a voucher for Future Travel Credit. If CIE Tours cannot provide an alternate date or tour, then a refund may be made. 

If it becomes necessary for CIE Tours to cancel a trip due to a Force Majeure Event, CIE Tours will immediately rebook the guest on a future departure date at no additional land cost or provide a voucher for Future Travel Credit. CIE will not be liable and shall not provide a refund for cancellation, delay, rescheduling or other adjustment due to a Force Majeure Event.  CIE Tours cannot accept responsibility for any additional costs or fees related to a cancelled tour booking or for any cancellation penalties, change fees or fare increases related to air.

GUARANTEED COACH TOURS: In the unlikely event that CIE Tours must cancel a Guaranteed Coach Tour, we will offer either the next available date at no additional land cost or 100% refund of all land payments made to CIE Tours.  For air purchased through CIE Tours, we will provide reimbursement for 100% of the air cost.  For air purchased independently, we will reimburse or absorb documented airline penalties/fare changes not exceeding $350 per person.

Travelers specifically agree and acknowledge that these are their sole remedies, and specifically agree not to dispute or challenge credit card or debit card charges related to such travel. 

FUTURE TRAVEL CREDITS: Any Future Travel Credits issued will be in the value of the amount paid for the land portion of the trip. The Future Travel Credit is not redeemable for cash under any circumstances but can be transferred to another person.

UNUSED TOUR ARRANGEMENTS: CIE Tours cannot make refunds or exchanges for unused accommodations, services or features of any tour unless agreed upon in writing prior to departure.

VACATION PACKAGES REVISION FEE: Revisions to vacation packages, excluding cancellations and/or tour date changes, can be made after the original booking has been processed but will incur a $50 handling fee per booking in addition to any applicable cancellation penalties. All revisions must be requested at least 30 days prior to departure. Changes to group and custom private driver vacations are governed by individual contracts. 


LEGAL NAMES: Traveler names provided must match names listed on traveler passports exactly. Spelling corrections requested after deposit has been applied to the reservation will incur additional fees. 

PASSPORTS & VISAS: It is the travelers’ responsibility to obtain the correct travel documentation (passport, visa, identifications) for the destination(s) to be visited. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the completion of travel.  

TRAVEL ITINERARIES/DOCUMENTS: Documents for U.S. guests are usually mailed approximately 30 days prior to departure provided full payment has been received. If documents are required earlier, CIE Tours needs sufficient notice to arrange for early delivery by regular service. For guests residing outside of North America, electronic documents will be provided. 

TRAVEL PROTECTION PLAN: CIE Tours’ Travel Protection Plan is optional, but highly recommended. When you purchase this Travel Protection Plan within 14 days of the initial deposit/payment for your trip, the CIE Tours’ Travel Protection Plan offered to U.S. guests permits you to cancel your trip up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure for a specified reason for cash reimbursement and up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure for any reason not otherwise specified for reimbursement in the form of travel vouchers.  The Plan also protects you and your belongings while on your trip.  Travel Arrangements must be purchased from CIE Tours to be eligible for reimbursement. Trip protection is non-refundable after 14 days from purchase. Terms and conditions for group insurance vary.


ACCOMMODATIONS: CIE Tours reserves the right to substitute hotels for accommodations in similar categories. In the event that a specified hotel in certain destinations is unavailable due to limited hotel inventory, CIE Tours will make every effort to re-accommodate the booking to a hotel of a similar category. When booking pre- and post- stay nights, we provide estimated rates based on standard hotel availability. At the time that the hotel confirms the booking, the rate may increase based on seasonality and availability.

AIR TRANSPORTATION: CIE Tours offers special airfares when combined with our land arrangements. These special airfares are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed until paid in full. Airfares are inclusive of all fuel, taxes and fees. Client must ensure that the name on the CIE Tours’ invoice matches the passport, as corrections or changes requested after reservation has been made are subject to cancellation or change fees. Airfares are guaranteed once they have been paid in full unless the airfare quoted at time of reservation is instant purchase which is only valid if paid in full and ticketed. CIE Tours is not responsible for penalties incurred for tickets, international or domestic, not issued by CIE Tours due to schedule and/or flight changes. 

VISITS, ENTERTAINMENT, ITINERARIES AND OTHER FEATURES: CIE Tours reserves the right to substitute visits, entertainment and other features when establishments are closed or cannot be visited for reasons beyond our control, or for the general convenience of safety of the travelers. 


CIE Tours does not employ medical personnel. Any necessary medical attention must be sought at a local facility, if available, at the guest’s expense. CIE Tours is not responsible or liable for losses or costs incurred due to a required quarantine or other restriction or limitation of travel, unavailability of medical services, or medical services obtained while traveling, or for the quality of the care or services received. You are encouraged to purchase medical insurance that will cover you while traveling as your regular health insurance benefits may not apply abroad. 

CIE Tours reserves the right to remove or quarantine any passenger who shows signs of illness, or who poses a threat to the safety and health of other passengers. Removal or quarantine of passengers for any health, safety, or behavior-related assessment is at the sole discretion of CIE Tours. Passengers will be allowed to rejoin CIE Tours with confirmed medical certification from a licensed health practitioner indicating that they are fit to travel without causing harm or posing a safety threat to other passengers. 


Clients who require physical assistance or special accommodations of any kind must advise CIE Tours at time of booking and must travel with a qualified and physically able travel companion to provide such assistance. CIE Tours will make reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of disabled travelers but is not responsible in the event it is unable to do so. Neither CIE Tours nor its drivers or guides provide personal services (such as pushing a wheelchair, assisting with walking, etc.) and CIE Tours does not provide individual assistance to a vacation participant for walking, getting on and off motorized coaches, and other vehicles, entering/exiting attractions or other personal needs. As coaches are not equipped with wheelchair ramps, all tour members must be able to mount 3 or 4 steps into coach. Motorized scooters are unsuitable for the majority of our vacation packages but may be possible for private driver vacations.  

If CIE Tours is not notified at time of reservation of any disability requiring special attention, CIE Tours reserves the right to cancel your booking or terminate your vacation if your special needs or disabilities are not suitable for the vacation, pose a threat to the health and safety of other participants or CIE Tours staff, are incompatible with other travelers, or if you are not traveling with a companion who provides all the assistance you require.  CIE Tours reserves the right not to refund or cover any costs or expenses incurred for cancellation, booking, or termination of the vacation. 

CIE Tours is not responsible for denial of services by carriers, hotels, restaurants, or other independent suppliers, nor any additional expenses incurred. Due to space restrictions, passengers wishing to take wheelchairs, oxygen tanks or other assistive devices must send a request in writing for approval prior to booking.


CHILDREN/YOUNG ADULTS: CIE Tours vacations are recommended for ages 8 and older. Those aged 8 to 17 are charged 90% of the full adult rate and must travel with an adult. Unaccompanied travelers must be at least 18 years of age. Youth discounts vary for group and custom private driver bookings. 

LUGGAGE: On coach tours, you are permitted one piece of luggage and one carry-on bag per person. Porterage between the coach and your hotel room for one piece of luggage per person is included in the cost of all coach tours and these bags will be stored under the coach during transit.  Travelers are responsible for transporting their carry-on bag between the coach and the hotel each day.  Luggage should not exceed 30 x 20 x 10 inches and weight should be under 50 lbs; carry-on must be soft-sided, without wheels, and must be small enough to fit under the coach seat. Luggage is carried at owner’s risk throughout the tour unless insured. Trunk space in self-drive cars is limited so pack lightly, preferably using soft-sided suitcases. Airlines impose their own restrictions, with which clients must comply. Please check with your carrier regarding luggage restrictions and costs. 

PHOTOGRAPHY ON TOUR: Occasionally CIE Tours will use photographs and/or video taken by fellow guests or your CIE Tour Director on tour for print, online, or other promotional media purposes. If you prefer that your image not be used in any marketing activities, please notify your CIE Tour Director at the start of your trip. 

SMOKING POLICY: Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted on any motor coach.  


CAR RENTAL CATEGORIES: Car rental companies reserve the right to substitute cars for other models in similar category. 

CREDIT CARD HOLD: To cover incidentals, Hertz will place a hold on your credit card when no insurance is purchased. The amount depends on the type of vehicle rented. This will be released at the end of the rental period provided there is no damage to vehicle. 

INSURANCE: Our basic Hertz car rental price includes unlimited mileage, current local taxes, airport location service charges (LSC), third party liability, theft protection (TP) and collision damage waiver (CDW), which indemnifies the driver against damage to the rental car. Damage excess deductible amounts are not covered by CDW and range from €1,600-€3,000 depending on car rented. 

SUPER COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (SCDW): To guard against potential financial exposure from CDW coverage, the driver may purchase SCDW at time of rental. Daily cost: €19.30-€35.00. DRIVER/BAGGAGE PROTECTION (DBP/PAI): Daily cost: €5.50. 

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Any optional charges that are accepted must be paid at time of rental.  Driver is responsible for all gasoline, parking fees and tolls. 

AGE LIMITS: Driver’s under the age of 22 and older than 80 are prohibited from renting cars from Hertz.  Drivers aged 23-24 years are restricted to car types A, B & E and pay a daily surcharge of €26.00.  Drivers 76-79 will require a letter from a licensed physician issued 1 month prior to the scheduled trip, stating that the traveler has been in good health for at least 12 months, along with a letter from your insurance company that says they have not been involved in any incidents in the past 5 years and must drive regularly and hold a current motor insurance policy.

EXTRA DRIVER(S) SUPPLEMENT: Daily cost per driver: €10.00 paid directly to Hertz at time of pickup. 

DRIVER’S LICENSE: Drivers must hold a current national license valid for at least two years or more at the time of rental.


RESPONSIBILITY: CIE Tours, its employees, directors, officers and shareholders (collectively, “CIE Tours”) does not own or operate any person or entity which would provide goods or services for your trip, including, for example, lodging facilities, transportation companies, local ground operators, including, without limitation, various entities which may utilize the name CIE or CIE Tours guides, entertainment, food or drink service providers, equipment suppliers, etc. As a result, CIE Tours is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such person or entity. In addition, CIE Tours is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any person or entity it does not own or control, nor for any act or inaction of any other third parties not under its control. You may see the name CIE Tours, or CIE affixed to motor vehicles, on signs around the hotel or elsewhere. This use of those names is for reasons of identification and does not denote ownership, supervision, or control by CIE Tours in any way. Without limitation CIE Tours is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damage, injury, death, loss, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity of any kind which may be occasioned by reason of any act or omission beyond its control, including, without limitation any willful or negligent act, failure to act, breach of contract or violation of local law or regulation of any third party such as an airline, train, hotel, bus, taxi, van, local ground handler or guide, financial default or insolvency of any supplier which is, to, or does supply any goods or services for this trip. CIE Tours is not liable for any loss, injury, death, or inconvenience arising out of or caused by a delay or changes in schedule or overbooking of accommodation. CIE Tours shall also not be deemed liable for any failure or delay in performance, loss, injury, death, or inconvenience arising out of or caused by, directly or indirectly, forces beyond its control, including without limitation, strikes, work stoppages, default, insolvency or bankruptcy of any third party, attacks by animals, sickness, loss or malfunction of utilities, the lack of appropriate medical care, evacuation to same, if necessary, weather, strikes, acts of God or government, acts of terrorism, or the threat thereof, force majeure, war, quarantine, civil or military disturbances, epidemics or pandemics including COVID-19 or the threat thereof, criminal activity, or any other cause beyond its control( “Force Majeure Event”). CIE Tours is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damage, injury, death, loss, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity of any kind which may be occasioned by another passenger including but not limited to communicable diseases, such as COVID-19.  You understand that there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where people are present, including such trips and you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.  CIE Tours reserves the right at its sole discretion to alter an itinerary as it may deem necessary or advisable. CIE Tours reserves the right at its sole discretion to decline to accept or retain any passenger on any of its tours if it deems accepting or retaining any such person would be detrimental to the tour. In the event any passenger is removed from a trip for any basis including but not limited to communicable diseases, such as COVID-19, CIE Tours has no obligation to refund to that person that portion of the payment allocable to unused services. Each provision of this clause is severable and if any provision is held to be illegal, void or unenforceable in whole or in part, the legality, validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected or impaired. Changes in these Terms and Conditions can be made only in writing signed by an officer of CIE Tours. Prior to full payment there is a potential for a price increase(s) due to fuel surcharges imposed by airlines or other suppliers, as well as the potential for increases in government-levied taxes and fees. Once full payment is made, there will be no price increases. Passengers may accelerate full payment to avoid any price increases. Once issued, airlines tickets are no longer subject to potential increases but are subject to cancellation fees and penalties and may be fully non-refundable.

BINDING ARBITRATION: Any disputes concerning this contract, the brochure or other literature about your trip or the trip itself shall be resolved solely and exclusively by binding arbitration according to the then current commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association. Additional information about American Arbitration Associate may be obtained by contacting the American Arbitration Association at 800-778-7879 or Any such arbitration will take place in Morris County, New Jersey, and American Arbitration Association's Standard Fee Schedule shall apply. Information about the nature and amounts of fees in connection with such arbitration can be found at In any such arbitration, the substantive (but not procedural) law of Delaware will apply. The arbitrator and not any federal, state, or local court or agency shall have exclusive authority to resolve any dispute relating to the interpretation, applicability, enforceability, conscionability, or formation of this contract, including but not limited to any claim that all or any part of this contract is void or voidable. This Agreement to Arbitrate affects important legal rights. Neither of us will be able to go to court for disputes that must be arbitrated.

PRICE VALIDITY:  All rates on the website are quoted on a per person, double occupancy basis. For 2024 tours, rates are valid through December 31, 2024, and are calculated on currency rates and fares existing on June 1, 2023; rates for 2025 tours are calculated on currency rates and fares existing on February 1, 2024, and are subject to change.  Unless otherwise indicated, all prices are shown in U.S. dollars. CIE Tours reserves the right to alter prices at any time without prior notice if circumstances so warrant. Any devaluation or revaluation of currencies may affect published prices.

ERRORS & OMISSIONS: While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information in our brochures, on our website or communicated by our reservation staff, errors or omissions are possible and CIE Tours is not responsible for such error. If a mistake is made in billing, we reserve the right to correct the invoice and you will be responsible for proper payment. 

DATA PROTECTION AND PRIVACY: CIE Tours respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. We collect and use data relating to you in order to deal with your query or complete your order. This personal data may include your name, date of birth, contact details and bank details. We use your personal data to create a booking file, to process your order and to administer your tour. We collect your personal data in order to comply with our legal obligations and to perform any contract that we enter into with you. Where relevant for your booking, we may disclose your personal data to other organizations, such as transport providers, tour guides and hotel.  Your data may be transferred outside of the European Economic Area. 
For further information about our privacy practices, please refer to our privacy policy.  

Revised March 2024

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