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Assurance Of Quality

At CIE Tours International, our focus is to deliver the best possible vacation to every client on every tour. We want everything to have a remarkable travel experience. We know for many people a trip to one of our destinations is a dream fulfilled; it may be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for some, while others are so entranced they return time and time again.

We monitor all aspects of our travel programs carefully by choosing local tour directors and training them in every detail; by inspecting all hotels and attractions; and by listening to our clients. At the end of every coach tour, we distribute a questionnaire so that travelers can evaluate their own experiences and give us feedback. All completed questionnaires are fed in to a computer program that provides us with percentages on every facet of the tour. Our Quality Control Department follows these ratings and comments very carefully and, if not up to our standards, the hotel, restaurant or visit is advised that it needs to improve if it wishes to continue to feature in our portfolio of tours.

Here is a sample of a questionnaire we provide at the end of each tour.

New Supplier Survey

Every year, all companies that score 90% or greater during the entire travel season receive an Award of Excellence. Award ceremonies for Irish companies are held in Dublin in February and for British companies in Scotland in April. Companies are usually so thrilled with the recognition that they display the award in a prominent place. In hotels, it is usually at the check in desk so that clients can be assured that the standards of the property are high.

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