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CIE Tours’ Commitment to Responsible Tourism

CIE Tours has in its heritage a passion for service, to care for travelers and share the best of Ireland and other destinations while respectfully inhabiting the places we live, work, and visit. Continuously owned since 1932 by Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ), the national transport company of Ireland, CIE Tours is an important contributor to Ireland’s tourism sector and to rural regions. As the largest inbound tour operator of North American visitors to Ireland, we have a unique opportunity to positively impact Irish people, places and culture and help set the standards of responsibility in our sector.   

CIE Tours’ Responsible Tourism Policy

This policy reflects our commitment to uplift communities, destinations, and the industry in three ways:

  • Social: Protect and share the heritage and cultural diversity of Ireland, Britain, and other destinations we visit.
  • Economic: Provide economic opportunity and ensure benefits accrue to the communities where we travel, live, and serve. 
  • Environmental: Work with the tourism industry and partners to support our destinations while furthering national, local and industry environmental priorities.

In this policy, we commit to demonstrating respect for the places, people, and environments we serve while improving sustainability of our tourism ecosystem through specific behaviors in each category:


  • We support organizations that promote greater cultural awareness of, and connection between, the US and Ireland, and support diversity of the Irish American experience.
  • We welcome people of all backgrounds to join our team in a workplace where they can thrive.
  • We foster a culture of responsibility through employee training and awareness of the principles of responsible tourism.
  • We collaborate with key stakeholders to identify opportunities for additional impact.
  • We provide guests with opportunities to interact with local people and communities while encouraging respect for local landscapes


  • We seek a diverse set of regional and independent businesses to partner with to extend business and economic benefits into local and rural communities.
  • We work with local guides and suppliers in each destination, enhancing local livelihoods and our customers’ experience.
  • We offer great benefits and fair pay, ensuring employees are treated fairly and respectfully through our Employee Handbook policies.
  • We commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion that invite all to participate in the business opportunities we offer.


  • We find ways to be more efficient and conserve finite resources, on tour and in our workspaces.
  • We align with our parent organization Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ) and the tourism industry in efforts to measure and reduce emissions.
  • We inspire travelers to minimize their waste and reduce unnecessary single-use plastics
  • We encourage suppliers to adopt more sustainable practices that support superior travel experiences with a reduced carbon footprint.
  • We support projects and organizations that effectively minimize negative environmental or community impacts from tourism.
  • We protect the natural landscapes by following the guidelines and regulations set forth in Ireland and in each destination we visit. 


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