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Popular Scottish Souvenirs

Scotland is rich with unique history, timeless traditions, and picturesque cities and landscapes. The enormous cultural spectrum that Scotland has to offer may make it difficult for you to narrow down what kinds of souvenirs you want to purchase to serve as memorabilia of your trip, or what gifts you want to give to your friends, family, and loved ones. Aside from photographs and postcards, below is a list of 10 high quality and authentic items that may not come to mind right away when considering the different kinds of souvenirs that will help you preserve the memories of your trip.

Scottish Tartans
There are many shops throughout Scotland that offer different kinds of stylish and warm tartan printed clothing items and accessories, perfect to purchase as a souvenir to show off your Scottish pride. The traditional Scottish pattern consisting of crisscross horizontal and vertical bands is unique to Scotland’s culture, and comes in many different colors and versatile prints. The prints are made in a variety of materials including cashmere, wool, and silk, and can be very affordable. Whether you buy an umbrella, scarf, poncho, or tie, these tartan printed items will remind you of the essence of Scotland whenever they are worn or used.

The Quaich
This souvenir item represents Scotland's rich heritage and unique culture. The Quaich was traditionally used to offer a guest a welcome and farewell drink upon entering and exiting the household they are visiting. This classic Scottish bowl comes in different sizes, and is typically made of wood, but can also be made of stone, pewter, brass, and silver. An ideal gift for a special occasion, or a decoration for your own home, the Quaich is a prized possession for anyone who has an association with the beautiful country of Scotland.

Edinburgh Crystal
Since the mid 1800s, Edinburgh Crystal has been one of the most luxurious souvenirs that Scotland has to offer. The perfect piece for special occasions in your home, or a gift for friends, family, or loved ones, these delicate crystal pieces can be used as a functional or decorative items. You can find the famous Edinburgh Crystal in many different shapes such as decanters, bowls, drinking glasses, baskets, and more.

The Sporran
An important piece of the Scottish Highland uniform typically worn by men, the Sporran serves as a pocket on the pocket-less kilt to store money, and other personal items and belongings. Crafted from leather or fur, and decorated with various designs, the Sporran is a traditional Scottish item that would make for a great souvenir or gift for anyone who is immersed in the Highland culture of Scotland. You can purchase several different kinds of these beautifully crafted pockets such as a day Sporran, dress Sporran, and many more.

Arran Aromatics
Arran Aromatics has been Scotland's leading manufacturer of beauty products, hygienic toiletries, and gifts for over 28 years. This Scottish perfume company offers various types of affordable soaps, scented candles, moisturizers, and many more different kinds of lifestyle products. Crafted with all natural ingredients, and a perfect addition to your daily beauty routine, these products offer scents that are reminiscent of the Island shores of Scotland, and will for sure transport you back to the memories of your trip.

The Kilt
The epitome of Scottish culture, this knee length pleated skirt originated in the 16th century, and is traditionally worn by Gaelic men and boys in the Scottish Highlands. Worn with dignity and respect, the kilt is considered a symbol of patriotism and honor for a Scotsman. If you’re planning on purchasing one of these for yourself or for somebody else as a remnant of your trip to Scotland, make sure you have plenty of room in your luggage, as these can take up a lot of space in a suitcase.

Malt Scotch Whiskey
Whiskey is an extremely popular alcoholic beverage to take home after a trip to Scotland, although it’s important to choose the right kind to ensure you’re getting the quality you deserve. As Scotland’s biggest export, Malt Scotch Whiskey is exclusively made from malted barley, and is created in Scotland’s finest distilleries. Sipping this rich and widely popular beverage will transport you right back to Scotland, or if given as a gift, will provide your friends or family with a taste of the finest whiskey that Scotland has to offer.

Tweed and Knitwear
Sturdy yet stylish, tweed and knitwear are highly popular material worn and used to combat the fierce Scottish weather. When searching for quality items that are made from these materials, you can’t go wrong by browsing through one of the many Harris Tweed stores found throughout the country of Scotland. Authentic and original, Harris Tweed offers a variety of Scottish gifts made from tweed and knitwear. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for someone else, these stores carry a variety of items for men and women including bags, jackets, purses and wallets, cloth, and more.

Oor Wullie Comic Strip
Written in authentic Scottish slang, the Oor Wullie comic strip has been Scotland’s most famous comic strip since 1936. Filled with iconic illustrations and a cartoonish glimpse into local life, this story follows the hilarious Scottish character named Oor Wullie from the fictional town of Auchenshoogle. Although the comic strip is published every week in the Sunday Post newspaper, you can find different volumes of compilations in many different shops right in Edinburgh, perfect for a lighthearted gift or souvenir.

Heathergems Jewelry
Give your loved one a piece of the Highlands with a magnificent piece of creatively handcrafted Heathergem Jewelry. Made from the stems of the heather plant, the gems come in such unique patterns and colors that you won’t be able to find two that are alike. The beautiful stones are typically fitted into sterling silver jewelry, and come in all different kinds of decorative pieces such as brooches, pendants, rings, and earrings.

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