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Welsh Gifts and Souvenirs

A carved love spoon or Welsh slate will remind you of the beauty of Wales

Welsh love spoon

Wales is famous for the rugged beauty of its seascapes and mountainous countryside, its 600 castles, and its rich traditional culture and language. It won't be hard to find authentic, homemade Welsh items to bring home to capture the essence of your trip to this beautiful, historic land. Take a look at a few of our top picks below: 

Welsh Love Spoon

A uniquely ubiquitous souvenir you can find throughout Wales is the traditional Welsh Love Spoon. According to Welsh folklore dating back to the 17th century, young suitors would carve a spoon out of a single piece of wood, and offer it to their love interest to show their affections. The different designs carved into the spoons have various different meanings, depending on who the spoon is being given to. Today, these spoons are given as gifts all around the world for various occasions such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, and christenings, and are the perfect gift or souvenir to take home from your trip to Wales.

Caerphilly Cheese

If you’re scouring local markets for something delicious to bring home with you from your trip, you can’t go wrong with Caerphilly cheese. The most popular Welsh cheese, it originated in the town of Caerphilly Wales, and is thought to have been created to feed the local coal miners.
Made in local farms, you can find this type of crumbly white cheese, as well as many more in the various markets and shopping arcades mostly found in Cardiff, Wales.

Welsh Slate

Welsh slate has an authentic history, and has played a large role in the Welsh economy for as long as anyone can remember. Because of the importance of the slate industry in Wales, you can still visit important landmarks in the slate industry, and you will be able to find many different kinds of gifts and souvenirs that are made from this material. Pick up a set of slate coasters or a slate cheese board to use in your home on special occasions, or personalize your gift a little more with an engraved Welsh slate for one of your loved ones.


When looking for something completely unique to the country of Wales, pick up some packaged Laverbread, also known as Bara Lawr, before you head home from your vacation.This delicacy, known in Wales as "poor man's caviar", is a gelatinous paste made from edible seaweed. Full of vitamins and minerals, it can be found readily available in most Welsh supermarkets. Impress your friends and family with this Welsh delicacy by incorporating it into some of your home cooking after you return from your memorable trip.

Welsh Cakes

A tradition to the beautiful country of Wales, Welsh cakes are the perfect souvenir to take home to satisfy your sweet tooth. Made freshly in front of you at a Welsh market, or found packaged at any local supermarket, these sweet delicious little cakes can be eaten warm or cold, and are perfect to share with friends and family upon returning from your trip. Cooked on a griddle rather than in an oven, Welsh cakes offer a twist on the more common scone, and are something that you must try when visiting Wales.




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