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Unpacking the CIE Tours Travel Pack

We are excited to share a sneak peek into one of the features our guests love: our meticulously curated Travel Pack! Designed with your comfort, convenience, and enjoyment in mind, our Travel Pack is your companion on the road to explore the captivating destinations of Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Iceland, and Italy.

1. Backpack

CIE Tours Backpack

Let's start with the heart of the pack - our CIE Tours backpack. Durable, stylish, and spacious, it's perfect for carrying your essentials as you explore new horizons. With ample pockets and compartments, it's designed to keep your belongings organized and within easy reach throughout your journey. We recommend you use your backpack as your carry-on for the coach, as it’s designed to fit under your seat and stash all your daily needs. Tip: Tie a ribbon, a CIE Tours luggage tag, or other distinguishing item on your backpack to easily identify yours from the rest of your traveling companions.

2. Luggage Strap

CIE Tours luggage strap

Our CIE Tours luggage strap serves several purposes. Wrap it around your luggage after you’ve closed up your bag. It will help keep your belongings secure and prevent any accidental bag openings. It also helps you easily spot your luggage at the airport. Perhaps most importantly, it will let our staff identify your luggage when you place your suitcase outside your hotel room in the mornings, allowing them to load up the coach quickly. With a simple, sturdy design and the CIE Tours logo, it's a handy accessory for stress-free travel. Tip: wrap the luggage strap horizontally across your suitcase, through the handle on the side, for an added layer of support to your well-packed bag.

3. Luggage Tags

Two CIE Tours luggage tags, one green, one yellow

The luggage tags in your CIE Tours Travel Pack will help you quickly identify your bags at the baggage claim and add a touch of personalization to your luggage. Not only are they useful for checked luggage, but they are critical for the baggage handlers at each hotel to facilitate quick delivery of your luggage directly to your room upon arrival. Remember, baggage handling is included during your trip (one per person).   

4. Water Bottle

CIE Tours Water Bottle

Stay hydrated on your travels with our CIE Tours water bottle. It's eco-friendly and reusable, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying a refreshing sip on your adventures. You will find having water with you after an excursion will quench your thirst and also save you money. Tip: Many hotels have water dispensers in their lobbies or can refill your bottle during your included breakfast, so be sure to fill up before departing for the day's activities. 

5. Poncho

CIE Tours poncho in a clip-on pouch

Weather can be unpredictable, but we've got you covered! Our Travel Pack includes a lightweight, compact poncho. Whether you're exploring the bustling streets of Edinburgh, walking beneath a 200-foot waterfall in Iceland or watching a sheepdog demo in the stunning landscapes of Ireland, you'll stay dry and comfortable.

6. Travel Adapter

Travel adapter with CIE Tours logo

Our universal travel adapter ensures that your electronic devices can be charged without any hassle, no matter where your journey takes you. Please note this is not a converter – check to make sure your appliances are dual-voltage (most phones and computers will be). If they aren’t, you’ll need an additional device to convert the voltage.

We send out our Travel Packs to our guests approximately three weeks before your departure date. We understand that every detail counts when you're exploring new destinations, and our Travel Pack is just one of the many ways we ensure your journey is as memorable and stress-free as possible. So, get ready to pack your bags and embark on a remarkable adventure with CIE Tours -  we're here to make every moment unforgettable. 

Ireland,Scotland,England & Wales,Italy,Iceland Tours

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2025 Tours: Save $300pp - Use Code EBD25300

Best of Britain

Starting from $2,845

9/10 Days

This fast-paced tour is the perfect introduction to England, Scotland and Wales, showcasing the very best historical and scenic spots, alongside vibrant cities. 

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

2025 Tours: Save $500pp - Use Code EBD25500

English Odyssey

Starting from $4,945

14 Days

See the England of your dreams on this sweeping tour, discovering castles and cathedrals, scholarly Oxford and Cambridge, Bath’s Georgian splendor, the Lake District, and so much more.

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

Taste of Ireland

Starting from $1,395

5/7 Days

This fast-paced, short-and-sweet Ireland tour is the perfect introduction to the Emerald Isle. Taste of Ireland hits all of the "greatest hits" highlights—from Blarney Castle to the Cliffs of…

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups, Independent Adventures

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Irish Spirit

Starting from $1,995

8/9 Days

This leisurely Irish tour covers the spectacular scenery of the countryside and seaside, with plenty of stops in the Emerald Isle's vibrant towns to stop and explore.

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups, Independent Adventures

Taste of Scotland

Starting from $1,345

5/6 Days

Explore the very best of Scotland's gorgeous scenery and bustling cities on this short-and-sweet introductory tour. 

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

2025 Tours: Save $400pp - Use Code EBD25400

Scottish & Irish Gold

Starting from $4,495

15/16 Days

This great combination tour covers the same itinerary in Scotland as on the Scottish & Irish Dream with romantic castles, mythical Isle of Skye, historic Culloden, and Edinburgh. In Ireland…

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

Scottish Dream

Starting from $2,695

8/9 Days

Check the must-sees off of your wish list on this good-value Scotland tour, which is an ideal introduction to the bustling cities and breathtaking landscapes.

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

2025 Tours: Save $200pp - Use Code EBD25200

Taste of Iceland

Starting from $2,795

6 Days

Dive into one of the world's wildest and most wonderful places on this Iceland tour, which covers the volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs and waterfalls that wow every traveler.

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

Taste of Italy

Starting from $2,345

7 Days

Get your first taste of the delights of Venice, Florence, Rome, and more on this enchanting Italian tour. You'll  get to enjoy the ancient ruins, architectural and artistic masterpieces, and…

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

Taste of Italy with Sorrento

Starting from $3,745

10 Days

Enjoy a little more time—and a lot more beauty—on this extended tour of Italy. Visit the most spectacular sights of Venice, Rome, and Florence with our Taste of Italy tour, then move on to the…

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

Taste of Scotland & Ireland

Starting from $3,195

10/11 Days

The perfect combination of two great countries in one itinerary. Start in Glasgow before exploring the Scottish Highlands with a Loch Ness cruise and whisky tasting. Visit St Andrews and Edinburgh…

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

2025 Tours: Save $300pp - Use Code EBD25300

Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way

Starting from $2,695

9/10 Days

Discover the untamed nature and rich cultural heritage of Ireland’s western coast, with its spectacular ocean vistas, enchanting towns, and craftsmanship deeply rooted in tradition.

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

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