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Insight Q&A: Once Upon A Whisky

Come along on the Scottish Daytripper for a whisky tour in Glasgow's hip West End

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Our newest Scottish tour, the Scottish Daytripper, lets you unpack once in the hip, historic West End of Glasgow for a six-day tour that introduces you to so many Scottish attractions. Spend your nights in the Glasgow Grosvenor Hotel and your days visiting Scotland's highlights, including the Isle of Arran, the Highlands, the Scottish Borders, Stirling Castle, and Edinburgh. Glasgow's West End is the perfect home base for a Scottish vacation - it's a cosmopolitan neighborhood, full of wonderful restaurants and a lot of atmosphere. 

One of the tour's fun features is a whisky walking tour by Once Upon a Whisky, founded by Camilo Gomez. Visit some intriguing pubs while tasting distinctive varieties of whisky from across the regions of Scotland. We spoke to Camilo to find out a little bit more about this whisky tour and the very special West End neighborhood of Glasgow... 

Q: What makes the West End of Glasgow special? 

Camilo: The West End of Glasgow, a lively and culturally diverse neighborhood, is renowned for its striking architectural legacy, varied cultural scene, and beautiful green spaces. It showcases a mix of Victorian and Georgian buildings and iconic landmarks like the University of Glasgow and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Off-the-beaten lanes are filled with cafes, restaurants, and shops, such as Ashton Lane or the Hidden Lane within Finnieston, another western district in the city.

The West End is a vibrant center of history, art, and urban charm. It offers an array of galleries, including the Hunterian Art Gallery, theatres like the King's Theatre, and comedy clubs such as The Stand Comedy Club. Kelvingrove Park and the Botanic Gardens are other important landmarks that one should not miss, along with the diverse dining scene scattered throughout the West End. This part of the city is a must-visit destination for those who wish to explore Glasgow.


Q: What are some of the highlights of your whisky tour? 

Camilo: During our Glasgow West End Whisky Tour, we offer a selection of whiskies from craft-independent distilleries instead of mainstream brands. We aim to allow our guests to try whiskies they may not have tasted before. We offer a good mix of whiskies that are matured in different casks, such as ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, ex-wine, and smoky whiskies too. However, it's not just about the tasting. The tour also includes storytelling, curious and quirky facts about the industry, and education on appreciating and enjoying the Scottish national drink. It's a journey of discovery and appreciation set in the wonderful West End of Glasgow.


Q: How did you become interested in giving whisky tours in Glasgow?

Camilo: My journey with whisky began in 2012 when I became a brand manager for one of the largest Scotch whisky producers. This role sparked a deep interest in whisky and Scotland, which led me to pursue a master's degree in business at Glasgow University. After completing my studies, I felt the time was right to share my passion with others, and that's when I founded Once Upon a Whisky. Today, we not only offer tours in Glasgow and Edinburgh but also design itineraries for whisky lovers to explore the Highlands and Islands for an unforgettable whisky experience.


Q: What's your favorite part of giving tours?

Camilo: The cultural exchange is definitely one of the highlights of my job. It's a two-way educational experience where not only do customers learn about whisky and Scotland, but I also learn about their countries and cultures. In fact, I have formed strong friendships on a few occasions. These ties have lasted for years, and we are still in touch today. Apart from the cultural exchange, sharing my knowledge about whisky and educating visitors about this legendary drink is always very fulfilling. I am glad to know that for some customers, the Glasgow's West End Whisky Tour has been the beginning of their journey. It's amazing to see people developing an appreciation for whisky they never thought existed before the tour. That's simply fantastic!


Q: What are your top tips for spending a little free time in the West End? 

Camilo: Some of the must-see highlights of Glasgow's west end include the Botanic Gardens and the River Kelvin Walkway, which is perfect for those who enjoy long walks in nature. Ashton Lane is the ideal place to go for an enchanting evening surrounded by a magical atmosphere and fairy lights. Here, you will find a fantastic selection of restaurants; from Scottish to Asian cuisine, there is something for everyone.

Not too far from Ashton Lane is the stunning Glasgow University, which is open to the public and a great place to take pictures and create lasting memories. Within the University campus are two galleries worth visiting: the Hunterian Museum and the Hunterian Art Gallery.

Kelvingrove Park and Kelvingrove Museum are both unmissable and are just a short walk from Glasgow Uni. However, if you're more into food and cocktails, you should visit Finnieston. This neighborhood is also a highlight of the west end, with many bars, pubs, and restaurants offering excellent food, including steakhouses, vegetarian restaurants, seafood restaurants, and more.

Finally, right on the edge of Finnieston and on the banks of the River Clyde, there's the Clydeside Distillery, which, along with the whisky, offers stunning views of the river and a journey back in time to the city's industrial history.

Visit the Once Upon a Whisky website. 
See details of the Scottish Daytripper below. 

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