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How to Take the Perfect Selfie

A young woman takes a selfie on the Irish coast

You don't have to be an Instagram model to know how to take a good selfie. With the right combination of lighting, angles, setting, and filters capturing and posting the perfect photo can be simple once you get the hang of it. Below are a few tips and tricks that you can use to take the perfect selfie.


Make sure to pay close attention to your light source when taking your selfie. When looking for the perfect natural light to take your selfie, the best time of day to achieve this is in the golden hour of sunrise or sunset. If you're taking your selfie outdoors try facing the sun directly, or if it’s putting a harsh shadow on your face, turn around so the sun is behind you. If you're inside, stand in front of a window where there is soft natural light, this will eliminate harsh shadows on your face. Try to avoid using flash unless it’s absolutely necessary, as this can add a red eye effect to your photo.


It’s important to know which of your angles are the most flattering. This can be different for everyone, and the best way to figure out the perfect angle for your selfie is to experiment. Take multiple photos from different angles and compare them to see which ones accentuate your best facial features. To ensure you achieve the right angle for the perfect selfie hold the camera closer to your face rather than far away, tilt or angle your head rather than snapping the photo straight on, and look up towards it to create a flattering downward angle with your camera or camera phone.


When taking a selfie you will want to make sure that you are taking your photo in front of an aesthetically pleasing background. Take a moment to find a good location for your selfie, and try to avoid messy backgrounds by keeping the setting of your photo either very simple or very interesting. Keep in mind that you can always use the crop tool to edit out any unnecessary items that are lingering in the background of your selfie.

Filters and Editing

One way that you can enhance the quality and clarity of your selfie is through photo editing and filters. Fixing the contrast or brightness of your photo can turn it from good to great in a matter of seconds. Experiment with filters and presets on different photo editing apps like Instagram or VSCO to make your photo even more flattering.

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