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Gift books inspired by our destinations

Need a little literary inspiration for your gift-giving? At CIE Tours, we're sprinkling a little travel magic into your gift list, with a book suggestion for each of our amazing destinations. Detailing aspects of heritage ranging from English wit to Iceland's surprising global influence, these books will delight your family and friends and maybe even inspire a new chapter of adventure and discovery.

Scotland: Catch the latest in the Outlander series


Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone by Diana Gabaldon

The hotly awaited, ninth book in the Outlander series tells the tale of the reunited family of Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall living together on Frasers Ridge as the American Revolution rages. The book has created quite a stir, along with the recent announcement of the latest in the famed TV series. The author says the latest installment's title comes from an old European custom that made it to the Appalachians: “You always tell the bees when someone is born, dies, comes or goes—because if you don’t keep them informed, they’ll fly away." 

Visit the author's website for excerpts and more.

Ireland: Explore history through rejuvenated images


Old Ireland in Colour by John Breslin and Sarah-Anne Buckley

Old Ireland in Colour celebrates Ireland’s rich history through the colorization of stunning images of the land and its people, and the Irish abroad throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Using a combination of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and historical research, John Breslin has meticulously colorized these pictures with breathtaking attention to detail and authenticity. With over 170 photographs, accompanied by fascinating captions by historian Sarah-Anne Buckley, Old Ireland in Colour brings the past back to life.

Visit the website.

Watch a talk about the book on the Irish-American Heritage Museum's Youtube channel.


Wales: Discover its amazing contributions 


Wales, the Welsh, and the Making of America 

We often think of immigrants like the Irish and the Scots as having the biggest impact on the making of America - this book is here to correct the erasure of the Welsh from the popular historical record. It’s the first book to recount the contributions of Welsh immigrants - and it explains how the Welsh influenced the colonists to reject British rule, as well as how they affected the establishment and expansion of the new American nation. 

Read an extract at the website

Read more on the Welsh-American connection.


Iceland: Discover how it's more than just a pretty place


How Iceland Changed the World by Egill Bjarnason

Iceland is most famous for its stunning beauty - but its history is fascinating, and this book tells the tales - how it became a nation whose diplomats and musicians, sailors and soldiers, volcanoes and flowers, quietly altered the globe forever.  How Iceland Changed the World takes readers on a tour of history, showing them how Iceland played a pivotal role in events as diverse as the French Revolution, the Moon Landing, and the foundation of Israel. Who knew? 

Read an excerpt on the publisher’s website.


England: Have a laugh, British-style


The Wicked Wit of England by Geoff Tibbals

The English sense of humor is like no other: surreal or satirical, dark or sophisticated, bawdy or genteel. This collection of stories quips, and quotes celebrates the range of humor and the things that make English people laugh and that make English entertainment so beloved - even if it’s sometimes mystifying. It showcases the idiosyncrasies: the social awkwardness, the need to apologize, the obsession with the weather, and the stiff upper lip. It might not unlock the secrets of the English, but it will make you laugh along the way. 


Italy: Immerse yourself in la dolce vita


Always Italy by Frances Mayes and Ondine Cohane

This is a lush and fascinating travelogue by the world’s favorite expert on la dolce visa, Frances Mayes, the author of Under the Tuscan Sun, and New York Times travel writer Ondine Cohane. It reveals an Italy only the locals know. And it’s gorgeous, with 350 glorious photos from National Geographic. The book reveals everything from the Renaissance architecture of Florence to the best pizza in Rome.  It’s the perfect treasury for the armchair traveler - and it will no doubt inspire many a trip. 

Read an excerpt from the book


For the Kids


This is… A classic series by Miroslav Sasek

Miroslav Sasek’s classic collection of picture books about cities and countries around the world will surely delight children and adults alike. Originally published in the 1960s, they have been reissued in facsimile editions by Rizzoli. The charm of the witty, playful narrative and the old-fashioned illustrations are a timeless joy. The collection includes books on Ireland, Britain, Venice, Rome, Edinburgh, London, and more. 

And if all that reading gets you inspired, the next step is to book a tour. See below for some more travel inspiration! 

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Highlights of Britain

Starting from $4,195

13/14 Days

Go off the beaten path as you traverse the whole of Britain to see Devon and Cornwall in England’s Southwest, the medieval heritage of Wales, and Scotland’s delights.

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

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English Odyssey

Starting from $4,945

14 Days

See the England of your dreams on this sweeping tour, discovering castles and cathedrals, scholarly Oxford and Cambridge, Bath’s Georgian splendor, the Lake District, and so much more.

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

2025 Tours: Save $100pp - Use Code EBD25100

Taste of Ireland

Starting from $1,395

5/7 Days

This fast-paced, short-and-sweet Ireland tour is the perfect introduction to the Emerald Isle. Taste of Ireland hits all of the "greatest hits" highlights—from Blarney Castle to the Cliffs of…

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups, Independent Adventures

2025 Tours: Save $500pp - Use Code EBD25500

Jewels of Ireland

Starting from $3,995

13/14 Days

Enjoy the splendor of every corner on this leisurely Ireland tour of the essential—and the unexpected.

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups, Independent Adventures

2025 Tours: Save $100pp - Use Code EBD25100

Taste of Scotland

Starting from $1,345

5/6 Days

Explore the very best of Scotland's gorgeous scenery and bustling cities on this short-and-sweet introductory tour. 

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

2025 Tours: Save $200pp - Use Code EBD25200

Taste of Iceland

Starting from $2,895

6 Days

Dive into one of the world's wildest and most wonderful places on this Iceland tour, which covers the volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs and waterfalls that wow every traveler.

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

2025 Tours: Save $200pp - Use Code EBD25200

Northern Lights Quest of Iceland

Starting from $2,845

6 Days

Hunt the horizon for the amazing aurora borealis on this Iceland tour. Explore the natural wonder and beauty of the land of fire and ice, from the Golden Circle to Diamond Beach.

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

2025 Tours: Save $200pp - Use Code EBD25200

Taste of Italy

Starting from $2,345

7 Days

Get your first taste of the delights of Venice, Florence, Rome, and more on this enchanting Italian tour. You'll  get to enjoy the ancient ruins, architectural and artistic masterpieces, and…

​Guided Tours, Guided Small Groups

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