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A classic hot toddy

A glass mug of a whiskey drink, with lemons

There's nothing better on a wintry day than a sip of a sweet elixir to warm you up. And if it's something peaty and aromatic that might remind you of some of our favorite destinations, all the better! Here's a recipe for a classic drink that some say can cure all that ails you - and if it doesn't, it might just make your burdens seem a tad lighter as it warms you up.


2 ounces of whisky
2 teaspoons of sugar or honey
1 slice of lemon
4 cloves (or a cinnamon stick)
2 cups of boiled water


Fill up a mug with boiling water and set it aside to warm the glass. Pour out the water and add the whisky with the sugar or honey, then top with more hot water and stir. Stud the lemon with the cloves or add the lemon and cinnamon and serve. 

While you're drinking your hot toddy, why not contemplate a trip to Ireland or Scotland, where you can visit a distillery and see how whisky is made? 

Scotland Tours

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Irish & Scottish Sampler

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8/9 Days

This short-and-sweet combination Ireland and Scotland tour visits all the top highlights, mixing in historic cities with iconic sights.

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Scottish & Irish Dream

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13/14 Days

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Scottish & Irish Gold

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15/16 Days

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Taste of Scotland & Ireland

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10/11 Days

The perfect combination of two great countries in one itinerary. Start in Glasgow before exploring the Scottish Highlands with a Loch Ness cruise and whisky tasting. Visit St Andrews and Edinburgh…

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