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Attraction Spotlight: GPO Museum

One place that history lovers visiting Dublin should put on their must-see list is the  General Post Office, or the GPO

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Best Souvenirs to Take Home from Ireland

When you visit Ireland, you'll no doubt see many beautiful, enticing handcrafts and unique products that will reflect

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Whisky vs Whiskey: What's the Difference?

It is no secret that every corner of Ireland and Britain holds claim to a storied past of spirits. If you look closely

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Brehon Beacons
Introducing Our Four New Tours to Britain

Now is the time to start planning your next trip to Britain! CIE Tours is proud to… READ MORE

Top museums for exploring Ireland's emigrant heritage

Tens of millions of people in North America are of Irish descent,… READ MORE

Cultural treasures: UNESCO's World Heritage Sites

Gothic cathedrals with soaring arches, mysterious Neolithic… READ MORE

Halloween in Derry, Ireland

It’s the spookiest time of the year, and we have Ireland to thank for it! Halloween as… READ MORE

Dingle Houses
Celebrating 50 years

Few countries can claim as strong a bond of friendship as the one between Ireland and… READ MORE

St. Patrick and Shamrocks

Who was St. Patrick?  The man most associated with Irishness, and one of the… READ MORE

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