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Popular Souvenirs of Iceland

From the Blue Lagoon in Southwestern Iceland to the capital city of Reykjavik, Iceland has no shortage of beautiful and natural tourist destinations. Navigating around your options for souvenirs is a lot of fun when you're visiting a country with such distinctive experiences. While you may be tempted to reach for a stuffed puffin or a T-shirt, below is a list of 10 souvenir items that will truly capture the authenticity of Iceland like no other.

Lopapeysa (Traditional Icelandic Wool Sweater)
The traditional Icelandic wool sweater, also known as a Lopapeysa, is the most classic and authentic souvenir that you will find in Iceland. Popular, attractive, and useful, this wool sweater is a staple of Icelandic fashion, and worn all year round by just about everyone who lives there. Made of unique unspun sheep wool, the outside layer of the sweater is tough and water-resistant, while the inside layer is soft, warm, and insulating. Make a fashion statement back at home by choosing your own lopapeysa from a variety of colors and styles.

Omnom Chocolate
For those with a sweet tooth, take home and taste some of Iceland’s many varieties of Omnom Chocolate. For the most authentic Icelandic option, try the traditional chocolate-covered licorice (lakkrís) flavored with sea salt. For those who are not fans of licorice, there are many other different flavors and brands of chocolate well known in Iceland. Omnom is one of the leading brands of chocolate in the country and can be found in souvenir shops as well as supermarkets throughout the capital city of Reykjavik.

Volcanic Rock Jewelry
Although it’s illegal to remove actual lava rocks from their habitat, you can find jewelry made with Icelandic volcanic rock to take home for yourself or your loved ones. Throughout the streets of Reykjavik, you can find watches and jewelry made with the distinct black lava rock mixed with vibrant colors from places like the Blue Lagoon. These carefully handcrafted and unique pieces combine silver and other materials to make an authentic original souvenir to take home after your vacation to Iceland.

Brennivín is Iceland’s signature alcoholic beverage. This clear unsweetened schnapps has a unique taste and strong alcohol content, sometimes called by its nickname “black death”, that will surely be remembered by anyone you share it with. With its potent flavor, Brennivín is typically used to overpower the taste of Hákarl, the traditional Icelandic dish of fermented shark. If purchasing this beverage to bring home, you might want to buy it duty-free as your depart from Keflavik airport.

Blue Lagoon Skin Care Products
Made with ingredients found in the famous Blue Lagoon geo-thermal spa, Blue Lagoon skin care products are the perfect souvenir to take home to add some Icelandic culture into your everyday beauty routine. These unique products are enriched with algae, silica, and minerals, ingredients that are known to heal and clear your skin. Visit the store found right at the Blue Lagoon, or check out some souvenir shops, to pick up products like face masks, body scrubs, and body lotions to bring home for yourself, or for your loved ones.

Icelandic Music
What better way to be reminded of the authenticity of Iceland than by bringing home a piece of Icelandic music? A mixture of heavy metal and dreamy house music, prepare to be transported back to your trip every time you put in your headphones. Iceland’s music scene is incredibly diverse and gaining popularity internationally. A nation full of musicians, Iceland has many record shops to choose the perfect piece of culture to take home with you to share with your friends and family.

Bloðberg (Arctic Thyme) Tea
Unwind and sip on this traditional Icelandic tea with a distinct yet subtle alpine taste. Bloðberg Tea has long been used for medicinal purposes due to it’s natural and herbal ingredients. Its antibacterial properties are good remedies for cold, flu, and upset stomach symptoms. Found in most convenience stores and grocery stores, Bloðberg Tea is the perfect souvenir to take home for anybody who appreciates the natural healing properties of teas and herbal remedies.

Herbal Sea Salt
Spice things up in your kitchen with Saltverk’s delicious and useful variety of Herbal Sea Salts. Stylishly packaged and locally made, sea salt and lava salt are among the most popular flavors that this company has to offer. The distinct color of the lava salt comes from activated charcoal from volcanic lava stones found right in Iceland. These Herbal Sea Salts can go with both savory and sweet dishes, and are a great souvenir or gift to give to anyone who has a love for cooking.

Mink Viking Portrait
While wandering down the main street of Reykjavik, take a moment to stop to get your very own Mink Viking Portrait. Dress up in traditional Viking clothing, have a 45-60 minute photo shoot, and choose six photos to take back home as a memento of your trip to Iceland. The setting, costumes, and weapons are all authentic, and the professional well-known photographer will tell you all about the pieces, uses, and history as you dress up and pose. This souvenir site is increasingly popular, so it is advised that you book your visit in advance, especially if you are planning on having a group shoot.

66 North Gear
Looking for a souvenir to take home that will keep you warm when you return from Iceland? 66 North Gear is an outdoor clothing brand sold mainly in Iceland that provides attractive and useful gear that will keep you warm and dry in unpredictable weather. This high-quality authentic outdoor gear will be sure to keep you cozy and comfortable in whipping winds and on rainy days. Pick up a warm fleece, or choose from their wide array of cold weather accessories, to be reminded of your trip to Iceland every time you go out into the cold.

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