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A Party in Killarney | CIE Tours

A Party in Killarney

ARCHIVE - April 17, 2017

With our trip just hovering at the half-way point, we are feeling a second wind come over us and are filled with the Irish spirit! Our full day in Killarney was met with the tail-end of a hurricane, but our spirits are always high and the laughs are always plentiful.

Our tour of the Muckross House was informative and seemed flabbergasting that a house could be so luxurious. It is difficult to believe that people lived in such a manner. Everywhere we turned there was another room to explore. I would not have wanted to be a servant in this house because following the room that correlated with the ringing bells would have been mayhem! With the sun coming and going as it wished, we were hopeful for sun during our sheep herding experience. Though the weather was not on our side, many guests remained outside and weathered the storm. I found the sheep herding experience to be well-worth the damp jacket and hair I experienced. It was astounding to watch these magnificent dogs work their magic, immediately responding to the herder’s prompts.


Fortunately, once we returned to our hotel in Killarney, the sun began peeking through the clouds. Our evening began with a quiet buggy ride through Killarney National Park. We had some leprechaun sightings and Ross Castle as well. Our quiet buggy ride became a little more rowdy with roaring laughter and jokes shared with my fellow passengers. I truly am lucky to be traveling with this group because they always manage to have a great time regardless of what we are doing. A stroll through Killarney was an excellent way to end the day. With the weather seemingly on our side, the guests and I walked through shops and pubs near the hotel.

The next day, we readied ourselves for our next destination for the evening: Waterford! Along the way, we made a few pit stops and I was able to cross something else off my bucket list. Blarney Castle was our first stop of the day after leaving Killarney. I was in awe of the beauty of Blarney Castle as we approached. The pictures will not do it justice. I was also unaware of the background and history of the castle and what kissing the stone is meant to do! Supposedly, kissing the stone gives you the “gift of the gab.” I need no assistance in that area, but I certainly was not about to pass up the opportunity to kiss the stone. Following our special “kiss”, the guests and I were set loose to roam freely through the gardens and explore the surrounding area. I enjoyed strolling through the garden and I even found a swing nearby to relax and enjoy my coffee.

With a few more pit stops at the Famine Garden, quite a sight and an emotional experience, we made our way towards Waterford to lay our heads for the evening. We took a walking tour of the city, but after an exquisite dinner we were all ready to rest up for the next day.

We’ll be making our way to Dublin the next day! Ready for our final destination in Ireland! Keep checking in to see what antics we get into next!

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