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Planning a vacation to Britain? Browse our extensive collection of tours below.

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Top Five Reasons to Visit Britain

Our tours to England, Scotland and Wales are a great mix of the hot spots on everyone’s bucket list – like all the highlights of London and Edinburgh, plus the lesser-known charms of places like Cardiff.


1.      The Awe-Inspiring Sights of London

Most of our guided vacations to England and Wales take in London – a city rich in landmarks familiar to many who have never set foot on British soil. Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square. See all these places in person – they are as impressive as you’ve dreamed.

2.      Ancient Wonders

One of the joys about traveling in Britain is how long it’s been inhabited, and how remnants of the past are there for us to explore. Stonehenge is one of the most vivid examples of the way history can remain alive to us in the modern world – built around 5,000 years ago, these massive standing stones still inspire wonder. Similarly, the Roman Baths are worth a visit to see artefacts from Roman times and to learn about this fascinating spot. Similarly, the Scottish islands are home to a host of archeological monuments, dating back to the first inhabitants who settled there 10,000 years ago.

3.      Welsh Castles

Wales has had more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world – over 600 of them! While many of them have returned to nature and only mounds remain, you can still see about 100 of them still standing, in various levels of ruin or restoration today.

Cardiff Castle is a particular favorite of ours – this restored medieval castle is one of the most beautiful and most historic in Britain. It’s a Roman fort that became a Norman castle and was renovated into a fantastic palace during the Victorian era, in the Gothic Revival style. Today, you can tour the castle and many of our guided vacations that go to Wales allow you to enjoy an evening of Welsh entertainment and a traditional banquet in the castle.

4.      Charm

Wales, England and Scotland are full of charm, with plenty of picturesque delights. A few of our favorite spots:

  • Shrewsbury, England – One of the quaintest towns you’ll ever see, complete with ginger-bread- house architecture, stone streets, and flowers. Shrewsbury seems like something out of a fairytale but its greatest claim to fame is from the world of science: Charles Darwin was born and educated here.
  • Llangollen, Wales – Here you will find incredible natural beauty in this lovely river town. You will come across quaint shops and tearooms that embody the true picturesque world of Wales.
  • Lovespoon Workshop, Wales – A lovespoon is a Welsh tradition in which a spoon is beautifully carved and presented as a romantic gift. The tradition dates back to the 17th century and is believed to have been started by sailors. Visit the Lovespoon Workshop, a family-owned shop keeping up the tradition and buy a lovespoon for your love!

5.      Literary Delights

Britain is a literature lover’s dream. One exciting place to discover it is in the birthplace of The Bard himself: Stratford-Upon-Avon. See where Shakespeare was born and spent his childhood, and discover more about his life and work. Or if you’re a fan of the magical world of Harry Potter, you might be up for being transported to Hogwarts with a visit to Warner Bros Studio’s “The Making of Harry Potter to see original sets, along with real movie props and costumes. In Scotland, you can visit the birthplace of Robert Burns, to discover more about one of the world’s best-known poets.


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CIE tours made everything extremely easy. We booked online and had them arrange our flights and transportation to and from the airport. When we finally met up with the tour group a day late, due to bad weather and flight delays, we found out that we had the best guide and driver, Colm Clarke. He was AMAZING- very accommodating and cheerful throughout the whole tour. He kept us informed and entertained all at the same time. I've taken several tours and he surpassed any guides I've dealt with by far. The stops and sights planned are excellent and truly give you a taste of Ireland and Scotland. I found the hotels to be comfortable with good service. I cannot stress how much I enjoyed this tour and how hard I;m working to get back to Ireland as soon as possible. Of course, I'll be booking with CIE again and requesting Colm (Seriously, he is the BEST).
I had a great travel agent that organised everything
Friendly and informative tour guides, nice accomodations, we saw so much while we were there!

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