European Vacation Packages

CIE Tours has been offering European vacations to the world since 1932.

Why are our tours so popular? First, we have amazing local tour directors. They are enthusiastic experts – eager to share their stories, knowledge and passion for their home places. So they’ll  give you a European vacation like no one else can.

Another reason why customers love our European vacations is our range of choice. CIE Tours has the largest selection of European tours to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales – and now we’ve got great new vacations in Iceland and Italy. You might choose to visit one country only, or perhaps you might take one of our “combo” tours. Dublin offers an ideal connection point for combining European destinations. You might combine Ireland and Scotland, or take our new Iceland and Ireland tour.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to take a dream trip to Ireland.  Or perhaps you have been thinking about walking in the footsteps of your ancestors in Scotland. Perhaps you’d just like to experience the stunning beauty of places like the Cliffs of Moher, the Isle of Skye, Blarney Castle or the Scottish Highlands. Perhaps you want to discover what inspired Shakespeare in England, or enjoy a pint in a proper British pub. You might be craving the many flavors of Italy – say, a walk through the Mercato Centrale in Florence, or a gondola ride in Venice. Have a bucket-list desire to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, or would you like a soak in the Blue Lagoon? CIE Tours can help! We offer you warm hospitality, unique experiences, and all-inclusive itineraries.

Our itineraries are locally crafted, the experiences we share are authentic and immersive, and our dedicated staff make planning your Europe vacation a pleasure. Come travel Europe with us!


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