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Practicing Self-Care on the Road | CIE Tours

Practicing Self-Care on the Road

CIE TOURS - July 29, 2019

People vacation abroad for many reasons—to learn something new, expand their worldview, connect with their family heritage, or for the sheer pleasure of it. Whatever their intent, numerous studies link international travel to an additional benefit: improved physical and mental health. That said, it’s important to practice self-care when you travel, particularly across time zones, to keep you at your healthy best. Here are tips from the experts at CIE Tours that will help you stay rested and energized, whether you’re traveling with a group on a guided vacation or with a private driver.

  • Plan to arrive a day before your tour begins. You won’t have to worry about travel delays and a good night’s rest will help prepare you for the adventure ahead.
  • Drinking plenty of water is your best weapon to minimize jet lag after a transatlantic flight and to keep you energized on a full day of touring. Carry a bottle with you and replenish it throughout the day.
  • Limit screen time. A smartphone can be an invaluable tool when you travel, particularly one with a good camera, but it can also keep you too connected to the stresses of the outside world. Resist the urge to check emails, stay on top of the news, or immediately post the pics you take to social media (and then constantly check for likes and replies). If you do need to connect to home or the office, designate a time to do so and set a limit.
  • Take time out to appreciate nature. As little as 20 minutes in the great outdoors is enough to reduce stress hormone levels. Breathe deep and take in the view. And again, don’t spend all your time looking for that perfect shot.
  • Pack activities to help your mind relax during downtime, like an adult coloring book with a set of colored pencils, or a journal to record the day’s highlights. Taking advantage of scheduled free time for a few quality moments alone can help balance the social aspect of a group tour.
  • Treat yourself. Indulgence is part of self-care too, and sampling local culinary traditions is a great way to learn more about a culture. Avoid going overboard, however. A balanced diet will give you more energy to fuel your explorations, so when you do enjoy a local treat, savor it.
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time so you get enough rest and wake up refreshed for that early morning call time.
  • Pack items that will make travel more comfortable and help you relax; for example, a cozy pashmina for chilly airplanes, a sleep mask to help with jet lag, and calming essential oils for your bath (or to apply to pulse points if your hotel room only has a shower).
  • Take a few minutes to stretch at wake-up and bedtime. It will help ease you into an active day and rest better at night.

And here’s a bonus tip, just for fun: Send yourself a postcard from somewhere that inspired you in your travels—something to greet you when you return home that will spark happy memories.

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