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Brochure Tour Groups & Customized Tours - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | CIE Tours

Brochure Tour Groups & Customized Tours – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs for Brochure Tour Groups

Why select a CIE Tours brochure program?

Because you get –

  • Large selection of tour programs
  • Strong buying power with suppliers
  • Generous tour conductor policy
  • Strong focus on quality
  • Fully inclusive tours with no optional extras
  • Expert assistance with promoting and selling
  • Client satisfaction which converts to repeat business for you

What about optional extras?

No optional extras – no hidden costs.
We include all the necessary ingredients for a successful tour – many competitors charge additional for sightseeing and dinner/shows which can add up to an additional $550 per person

  • Great hotel accommodations
  • All breakfasts
  • Most dinners
  • Special evenings with entertainment
  • Admission fees to attractions
  • Expert tour escorts and local guides

What’s included in a brochure tour?

All the components for a great vacation. We use quality accommodations – mainly superior first class hotels (4-star). Breakfast (full in Ireland and Britain and buffet in Europe) is included every morning. Dinner is served most evenings and some of these dinners are special banquets or cabaret-style entertainment. Every day a fun sightseeing program enables visitors to see highlights and yet enjoy free time for independent activities.

How many itineraries do you have available for groups?

We have over 40 different motorcoach programs featured in our main brochure and on our website with departures right throughout the year.

What’s the minimum group size?

For administrative purposes, 10 or more paying passengers constitute a group booking on a brochure tour. On these departures, other CIE Tours’ clients will be booking on to the same coach. So, if you end up with fewer than 10 passengers, your travelers will join ours and head off for a fun trip.

What’s the maximum group size?

The Sky’s the Limit! We use mainly 48-seater coaches. For comfort we prefer to operate with 40 to 44 passengers. If you want an exclusive departure at our brochure rates we require 36 passengers.

What about tour conductor places?

Free conductor place or places are offered, depending on group size.

Why plan an off-peak trip?

Off-season rates make tour prices more attractive – travelers can save up to 30% over high season rates. And remember, Ireland, England and mainland Europe have relatively mild winters, which makes travel enjoyable.

What if none of these itineraries suits my group?

Then contact one of our Group Department professionals who will be happy to tailor an itinerary to your specifications, taking budget, length of tour and inclusions into consideration.

How can I get a group together?

Many travelers realize that they have more fun with a group, especially when all arrangements are handled for them. Is there a special family event to celebrate? Are you a member of a church, club, pub or sporting association? Once you get a core group, we will work with you on the travel program and assist with sales flyers and information.

F.A.Q.s for Customized Tour Groups

Why select a CIE Tours customized program?

Because you can –

  • Design any itinerary for any season
  • Benefit from CIE Tours’ competitive rates which are passed along to you
  • Include special interest features not offered on scheduled tours
  • Travel on your own exclusive coach
  • Offer the tour as a fundraiser for your local church or organization.

What’s included in a customized tour?

Basically whatever you would like to have. Of course, you will have coach transportation with a driver/guide throughout, hotels and breakfasts. Then you can choose whatever sightseeing, meals and entertainment that appeal to you and your group.

Are all castle hotel stays very expensive?

There are many castle hotels at different price points. Some are 5* top-of-the-line properties but there are also some 4* and 3* castle hotels which offer reasonable rates and still give that wonderful atmosphere of a historic experience.

What’s the minimum group size?

As you will have exclusive transportation and services of a driver/guide, we suggest a minimum of 20 paying passengers. However, by using a smaller vehicle we can keep costs down and put together a program for 10 or more paying passengers.

What about tour conductor places?

Free conductor place or places are offered, depending on group size.

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