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Explore Europe's capitals, castles, and cultures

Enjoy some of the world's most beautiful countries with us. Make wonderful memories as you visit Europe's grandest cities and historic monuments, along with picturesque mountains and legendary rivers. Whether you want to visit some of the more traditional travel destinations or discover hidden gems, we have a tour for you.

Vienna's known as the world capital of music—and four of the 10 all-time-great composers called it home.
Vienna's known as the world capital of music—and four of the 10 all-time-great composers called it home.

Central & Eastern Europe Tours

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Swiss Alps

Rhine Cruise to Switzerland - Basel to Cologne

Starting from £2006

8 Days

Discover the very best of Germany and Switzerland as you cruise along one of the world's great rivers on this European tour. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Black Forest and the Alps and explore…


Brandenburg Gate

Warsaw, Berlin & Prague

Starting from £1217

7 Days

Spend a week getting to know three gorgeous cities, with no shortage of breathtaking history or modern amenities. Beginning with a guided tour of Warsaw, make your way through…

​Guided Tours

Dormition Cathedral

Little Tour of Russia

Starting from £1472

7 Days

Split time between the two most iconic Russian cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Visit the “spiritual home” of the Russian Orthodox, and marvel at St. Basil’s Cathedral - within…

​Guided Tours

Slovenia Mountains

Experience Slovenia

Starting from £1390

7 Days

Take in stunning landscapes in one of Eastern Europe’s best kept secrets. Some of the world’s most picturesque lakes, caves, and valleys are in Slovenia, with its remarkably…

​Guided Tours

Berlin Cathedral

Eastern European Panorama

Starting from £1953

13 Days

Get a taste of Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic in this sweeping tour that covers the bucket-list destinations of Vienna’s Hofburg Palace,…

​Guided Tours


Vienna to Warsaw

Starting from £1329

9 Days

The old-world character of eastern and central Europe is like no other. Within some of the continent’s most vibrant cities, you can feel firmly planted in history. From Vienna to…

​Guided Tours

Dubrovnik Town Centre

Belgrade to Zagreb

Starting from £1855

11 Days

Explore the best that the Balkan Peninsula has to offer. Journey from Belgrade to Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia and savor the sunshine on the Adriatic Sea. …

​Guided Tours

St Marks Church

Bosnia, Croatia & Slovenia

Starting from £1638

11 Days

Immerse yourself in lush landscapes and historical grandeur spanning three lovely nations. Travel back to Ancient Roman times as well as to each country’s unique…

​Guided Tours


Dalmatian Sunshine

Starting from £1465

9 Days

Witness the stunning landscapes of Lake Bled and Plitvice Lakes National Park and the exquisite architecture of Dubrovnik and Zagreb side by side on this splendid excursion…

​Guided Tours


Zagreb to Dubrovnik

Starting from £1070

7 Days

Enjoy the best of Croatia and Bosnia as you explore the historic sites of the area's three major cities: Zagreb, Sarajevo and Dubrovnik.

​Guided Tours

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