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6 Easy Steps to Plan Your 2020 Trips: #PlanForVacation

National Plan for Vacation Day is January 28. Don’t be one of the more than 55 percent of American workers who do not use their days off; that adds up to 768 million unused vacation days, according to a U.S. Travel Association Survey. Just like you, the majority of Americans, some 83 percent, want to use their time off to travel, but they aren’t, says the survey. Don’t give up your right to travel! Start planning your 2020 trips right now. 
US. Travel Association research shows that individuals who plan their vacations are more likely to use all of their time off, take more vacation days at once, and more importantly, report “greater levels of happiness at work and at home.” Planners tend to lead a happier overall life, happier with “everything from their personal relationship to their health and well-being and their job,” says the survey. It’s time to be happy! Start planning your next trip right now.

Here are 6 easy steps to help you plan your 2020 vacations:

1. Start with Your Dream Destination

We all have must-visit locales that we think about again and again. Decide where in the world you always wanted to travel. Make 2020 the year you take your great European adventure or check-off a bucket list trip to Iceland. Prefer to be inspired by destination choices? See all of CIE Tours’ destinations.

 2. Count Your Vacation Days

Look at the vacation days you have worked hard to accrue and decide how long you want your trip to be. You can blow them all in one long adventure, or divide up your vacation days into multiple journeys/long weekends throughout the year. Get the calendar out and plot out the time/times of year you want to take your vacation(s).

 3. Invite Friends and Family or Travel Solo

Who do you want to share your travel adventure with? Is this a vacation for just you and your significant other or is it a family-friendly trip? Do you want to invite friends and extended family to come along? Your vacation can also be one just for you traveling on your own.

4. Decide on a Budget

Start thinking about how much you want to spend on your adventure. All-inclusive tours can help save money with a single cost paid upfront at a tour operator bulk rate and with no surprise fees later. Begin researching your costs for your trip by looking out for promotions that can give you a bigger bang for your buck. Check out these CIE Tours promotions now.  

5. Explore Your Options

Planning your vacation is half the fun. CIE Tours 2020 Collection brochure offers pages of inspiration to get you excited and ready to make your next trip happen. Download or order the brochure now.

6. Contact CIE Tours

Call one of the CIE Tours travel experts who can help you book your next 2020 adventure. They can answer all your questions and guide you every step of the way. Be happy and make it happen by calling 800-243-8687 or contacting us online.


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