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Sail away to amazing places

Get a whole new perspective on Europe—from the water! CIE Tours offers a selection of cruises along Europe's greatest rivers or through the Adriatic, with itineraries filled with beautiful and intriguing destinations, that leave you plenty of time to explore on your own. And the best part? Your room travels with you—so you get to see more of Europe without unpacking and repacking.

River cruises or sea cruises?

Whether you hit the high seas or wend your way along legendary waterways on a river cruise, cruising offers a unique way to see the sights. Here's how to decide which way to go.

• Know where you want to go. Obviously, the ports of call are the biggest selling points to a cruise. Our sea cruises hit major landmarks like Zadar and Dubrovnik, while our river cruises run along two of Europe's grandest rivers, the Danube and Rhine. 

• Consider the amenities. Take a look at what's on board your cruising vessel—and see how it lines up with your travel wishes. Our river cruises offer ships packed with amenities, like pools and multiple dining options. 

• Check out the shore excursions. Because rivers often run right through the heart of the cities, it can be easier to travel to see key destinations in the area. And with CIE Tours Inclusive Advantage, most excursions on our cruises are included in the tour price—so you won't be shelling out thousands more to make your time off the boat as thrilling as your time on it. 

See why real tour guests love CIE Tours

"I loved how relaxing my cruise was - unpack once, gorgeous scenery - so happy to have so much culture and heritage to experience at every stop. Such a wondrous experience!" 

CIE Tours Customer