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Discover the CIE Tours $550+ Advantage

Walking Tour on Medieval Walls of Derry
Walking Tour on Derry's Medieval Walls
Most itineraries include walking tours of historic places where coaches cannot access

ALL CIE Tours' escorted programs are enhanced by the company's $550+ ADVANTAGE, making them virtually ALL INCLUSIVE. Our clients are never charged additional money for special features which are considered optional extras with most other tour companies.

$550+ Advantage

With CIE Tours, you are free to enjoy your vacation without enduring daily sales pitches and unexpected costs while on tour. This inconvenience and distraction can dilute up to $550 per couple per week from your vacation budget. These features are already included in your CIE Tours package price.

Our tours include daily sightseeing with prepaid admission fees, full breakfasts, table d'hote dinners, medieval banquets, cabarets and much more - everything to make your vacation a lifelong memorable experience. The CIE Tours "No Optional Extras" policy enables our tour directors to focus 100% of their time on your enjoyment..

Compare our included tour features to those of other tour companies. By looking at their optional costs, the savings provided are clear with the CIE Tours $550+ ADVANTAGE.


The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
All clients staying in Edinburgh during Tattoo season in August have prime seats included for this event
Irish Pub Featuring Traditional Music
Lively Pubs provide Music and Food
Enjoy dinners with traditional music, dance or storytelling sessions included on many programs