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All CIE Tours' vacations are fully inclusive of daily sightseeing and most meals. You are protected by the company's $550+ ADVANTAGE, a no-fee benefit guaranteeing that you are never charged for special features considered optional extras on tour packages with other tour companies. This hidden-value feature alone enriches your trip while saving you up to $550 per couple per week or about 15% of your total tour cost –

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CIE Tours Video –"The Ireland & Britain Experts"

See what a CIE Tours' coach tour is all about when you watch this 7-minute video production, filmed on our popular Scottish & Irish Dream Tour.
To view the Ireland & Britain Experts video – click here.

2017 Top Picks Ireland
Northern Welcome from $1,296
Jewels of Ireland from $2,298
Irish Classic from $1,998
Taste of Ireland from $768
Elegant Ireland from $2,248
Irish Supreme from $3,488

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2017 Top Picks Scotland & Ireland
Scottish & Irish Sampler from $1,716
Scottish & Irish Glens from $3,984
The Scots Irish Tours from $2,248
Scottish & Irish Dream from $2,740
Scottish & Irish Gold from $3,024
Taste of Scotland & Ireland from $1,774

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2017 Top Picks Britain
Grand Tour Of Britain & Ireland from $5,292
Best of Britain from $2,198
Heart of Wales & England from $2,248
Taste of Cornwall & Wales from $2,740
Taste of Wales & Ireland from $3,024
Highlights of Britain from $3,602

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2017 Top Picks Italy & Eastern Europe
Venice, Florence & Rome from $1,759
Prague, Vienna & Budapest from $1,965
Dalmatian Sunshine from $1,689
Dubrovnik to Venice from $2,740
Little Tour of Russia from $1,635
Warsaw, Berlin & Prague from $1,439

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Accolades & Awards for CIE Tours

Accolades & Awards for CIE Tours


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